Cupcakes 6/$6.00

(Buttercream icing unless noted)

Strawberry Filled Chocolate or vanilla

Blueberry Filled Vanilla

Peach Filled Vanilla


Apple Cider (Brown sugar buttercream icing)

​Vanilla & Chocolate also offered for ordering

Special order cake also available for ordering

Jarred items and single serve snacks such as whoppie pies, cookie cake, oatmeal cream pies may also be available at pick up.

Hausman's Bakery on the Farm  

Crumb Cakes and 6 pack Muffins: $5.00

Strawberry Muffins and Crumb Cake

Blueberry Muffins and Crumb Cake

Sour Cherry Muffins and Crumb Cake

Peach Muffins and Crumb Cake

Apple Muffins and Crumb Cake

Orders are currently being taken for pick up at the farm Friday April 19th (8 am -5 pm) and Saturday April 20th (7 am-12 pm). Also by appointment.

​If you are unsure what is in season please feel free to call 

Old Fashioned Treats:

Shoo-Fly Pie $9.00

Funny Cake $9.00

Pecan Pie $12.00

8" Tandy Cake $5.00

Apple Cider Doughnuts 

       2/$3.00 or 6/$6.00

Apple Dumpling $4.00 or 3/$11

​Apple Sauce Cake

Zucchini Chocolate Chip Cake 8"

Bread Loafs (dessert) $4 

(Varieties are seasonal)

Strawberry Walnut 



Pumpkin Chocolate Chip


Visa and Mastercard Accepted

9" Fruit Pies: $10 each

In season fruits only

(Pie Filling Pies made with our fruits may also be available)



Sour Cherry Crumb

Blueberry Crumb

Strawberry/Blueberry Crumb

​Corn Pie

Peach Crumb

Apple Crumb

​Apple Caramel Crumb

​Pumpkin Pie