PYO Sour Cherry dates and times:

Friday June 22, 9-1

Saturday June 23, 9-12

Sunday June 24, 10-1

Monday June 25, 3-730pm

Tuesday June 26, 3-6pm

Friday June 29, 9-1

Saturday June 30 9-12

More dates to come as we see the weather and crop supply.

While supply lasts, Feel free to call ahead to check availability. 267-980-3409~April

~Thank you for your interest in our PYO fruits, please be patient as we slowly grow to meet our customer needs.  So far as of 6/7/18 the Fruit crops are looking great, we hope they continue on track. Please check the Facebook page for more frequent updates.

~Justin and April Hausman

PYO Strawberries: Thank you for a great year for PYO Strawberries, our PYO patch is closed for 2018, see you again in 2019.

PYO Sweet and Sour Cherries: anticipated start date June 18, 2018,

Please see side bar for current hours>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Sweet Cherries, are all picked for 2018 season.

We do not offer PYO Blueberries

​We do not offer PYO Peaches

PYO APPLES for 2018- We will only be open for limited times and varieties during the fall festival weekends.  Please call ahead if you are not sure, more up-to-date posts are on the facebook page.

As we continue to grow we will be offering more PYO until then we will be opened on a limited basis as the crops continue to do well for us.  

Thank you for understanding!

Please feel free to call or email or more questions: