~Thank you for your interest in our PYO fruits, please be patient as we slowly grow to meet our customer needs.  So far as of 6/7/18 the Fruit crops are looking great, we hope they continue on track. Please check the Facebook page for more frequent updates.

~Justin and April Hausman

Unfortunetly this year so far doesn't look like we will be able to open for PYO strawberries, it's early in the harvest yet so this could change BUT doesn't look likely for 2019.

PYO Sweet and Sour Cherries: Anticipated start date June 18, 2019. (Around)

We will set picking times closer to the maturity date and availability of the crop we will announce dates on this website and facebook page.

We do not offer PYO Blueberries

​We do not offer PYO Peaches

PYO APPLES for 2019- We will only be open for limited times and varieties during the fall festival weekends.  Please call ahead if you are not sure, more up-to-date posts are on the facebook page.

As we continue to grow we will be offering more PYO until then we will be opened on a limited basis as the crops continue to do well for us.  

Thank you for understanding!

Please feel free to call or email or more questions: